A Cheap Skateboard – Get More for Your Money!

What is a cheap skateboard? Where can you find one? Is it necessarily low quality? These are reasonable questions when you’re looking for a cheap skateboard.

No Insights Online

While there’s a high demand for quality, cheap skateboards, there seems to be little to no insight available online about quality and price. Of course, there’s plenty of info about the actual prices of various brands. It’s easy to find prices online. However, it’s challenging to find any guides or advice about the quality – price relationship. Some may believe that a cheap skateboard must be low quality because of its low-cost and affordability. Others may realize that the price of a skateboard does not necessarily mean it’s a quality skateboard.

Let’s agree it’s a skateboard that is fully assembled and the price includes the deck, wheels and trucks for around $50 or less. They’re ready to ride. Perhaps, we will evaluate the economics of assembling a cheap skateboard on your own by purchasing the wheels, deck and trucks separately in a later article. For today, we’re looking at completes only.

Searching for Skateboards Online electric skateboard with remote control

Imagine you’re looking for a cheap skateboard either for yourself or as a gift. If you’re using Google to search, there’s a good chance that one of the first web pages you would see is from Skate911.com, Warehouse Skateboards or Skate123.com. While these three companies feature different skateboards on the web pages displayed in Google, there is a low degree of differentiation between them in terms of the experience as a shopper.

Skateboard Providers Fail on Rich Online Experiences

All of three of them display fairly standard looking e-commerce pages. However, Warehouse Skateboards, does appear to be more inviting and easy-to-navigate compared to the other two pages. While the Skate911 and Skate123 simply display pages full of thumbnail images of skateboards with prices, Warehouse Skateboards simply drops you on their home page. None of these web pages offer what I would consider advice or insights about cheap skateboards in an engaging and relevant way. To me, they’re simply displaying a catalog of skateboards and prices. Then they leave you to navigate around hoping you’ll find what you’re looking for. Frankly, it’s kind of like flipping through a mail-order catalog.

Well, it’s probably a good idea to keep looking because according to the Google Shopping results, there are many options available at lower prices than what you’ll find with the above top three results in Google. Or if you’re okay spending a little bit more money, you can connect with a living, breathing brand instead of what seems like a flat direct mail piece.

According to Google’s Shopping results, there are skateboards starting in the $20 range and up into the $60 range for cheap skateboards. Some of the popular skateboard brands in this price range include Plan B skateboards, Enjoi Skateboards and Element Skateboards. In the plus $50 price range, a rising skateboard brand known as Darkstar Skateboards shines brightly and brings max value with its Darkstar Armor Light brand. Another brand on the rise is Zero Skateboards.

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