Control Or Eliminate Food Intolerance Symptoms

Many people experience food intolerance symptoms and some of them are hard to deal with in everyday life. There are various reasons for food intolerance, one of which is a high histamine level in the foods we eat and the drinks we consume. Here, we took a look at food intolerance symptoms, foods that can cause reactions, and how NDI has helped people in Europe.

Food Intolerance Symptoms

Some of the symptoms from food intolerance include digestive system problems, abdominal pain or spasms, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, headaches, and even skin rashes. Symptoms can be caused by high histamine levels in food and aren’t the same as food allergies. Food intolerance often is caused by a lack of food enzymes that inhibits your ability to digest food correctly.

While many products on the market today promise to deal with your food intolerance systems or stop them all together, they only appear to be a quick “symptom” fix and have no real value in the long run of your intolerance to certain foods.

Many people suffer so intensely from food intolerance symptoms that it makes it difficult for them to plan their days effectively. Food intolerance victims often worry about where the closest restroom is and always keep that in the back of their minds when out in public. Others simply skip the worry and are forced to stay at home and rely on others for to bring needed things to them. russian store

Food intolerance is a real problem and is caused due to the high histamine levels in the foods we consume. One way to lower your symptoms is to avoid foods that have high histamine levels.

Food That Can Cause Reactions

Some foods that can cause food intolerance symptoms might surprise you while others may not. Foods like pizza, wine, beer, and cheese would most likely be at the top of your list, but did you know fresh fish can cause symptoms? Other foods to avoid that have high histamine levels are processed meats, sauerkraut, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and avocados. Some fruits that can cause uncomfortable symptoms are strawberries, bananas, kiwi, pineapples, and tangerines.

Condiments and extras we like to add to sandwiches or salads can also cause problems. They include mustard, ketchup, sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews, and walnuts. Our favorite drinks, like coffee and cocoa, also have a high histamine content. So, what are we to do? In Europe, people for years have been using a dietary ingredient NDI.

How NDI Has Helped People in Europe

The dietary ingredient NDI has helped people all over Europe in stopping their food intolerance symptoms by regulating their histamine levels and restoring a digestive enzyme known as Diamine Oxidase or DAO. Often, people find the best remedies are natural supplements that surpass using Western medicine prescriptions and NDI is an effective treatment for food intolerance symptoms.

Europeans found through their doctors that much of their intolerance symptoms were intestine related caused by high histamine levels. By using NDI, histamine levels were regulated by helping to replenish the digestive enzyme, Diamine Oxidase. DAO helps the intestinal tract to reduce enzymes and breaks up histamines; lowering their effect on the intestine.

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