Happy New Year to You to Hurricane Zeta

The New Year is the proverbial time to make resolutions about our lives. This year may I suggest that you resolve to make an empowering choice for yourself? Choose to have a Happy New Year. As human beings, the ability to consciously choose is our most powerful attribute. Choice is ours and ours alone. Choose to commit to living this one precious life of yours as a happy person.

We have all heard the stories of the wisdom that is revealed at the end of someone’s life. One hears, ” I wish I had not taken things so damn seriously”, “I wish I had laughed with my kids more”, I wish I had traveled more”, “I wish I had appreciated the people in my life more”. It is never about the things that they obsessed and worried about but about the things that bring a smile to their faces: time with friends and family, a day at the beach, a surprise birthday party, cuddling in bed with our little kids, helping out, laughter, good meals, wonderful cultural events, loving pets, deep and meaningful conversations… get the idea?

I doubt that on your own deathbed you will say,” I wish I stayed stuck in my pain and resentment.” With free will you can choose how you want to live the rest of your life. First we choose happiness and then we begin to adopt those behaviors that will make us happy and fulfilled. The choice is simple; the commitment to stay true to your intention is a bit harder.

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– Stop resisting what is and give up what you think life should look like. To stand in a fast moving river and attempt to swim against the current is both exhausting and painful. One might even die trying to fight against the natural flow of that river. Swimming against the current keeps you stuck in that one spot. Imagine what it would be like to simply stop resisting the river’s flow and go with it? Not only is it painless, it takes you to new places that you never would have seen had you continued your futile attempts to resist reality.

Stop resisting the flow of your life’s direction and go with it. All sorts of new opportunities and possibilities will open up for you, I promise.

– Stay conscious. Be aware of your attitude and perspective on life as you go through your day. Notice how you see things: are you looking for what’s wrong or for what’s right? Are you always seeking more or are you content and grateful with what you do have? Are you being far too serious? Do you view life as hard and let that permeate everything you do?

Commit to a perspective on life that serves you. What you commit to takes all your attention. Where we put our attention will grow. It is possible to change.

– Don’t rely on life’s circumstances to make you happy. Life changes all the time. Stuff happens. Just look at your own life and you will see that to be true. If you depend on life’s circumstances, like your job, to make you happy you are setting yourself up. Happy is a state of being. It is about your inside and not the outside. If you can only be happy when everything is going your way you are in for trouble because that is not the true nature of life. You and not your circumstances determine your happiness.

That is not to say that you will not be affected by bad things happening to you…you will. But you can then choose how you want to handle the situation so that you can recover and be happy again.

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