As the Capricorn Foundation is self-destructing before our eyes, we need genuine pioneers never like before. 


Not similar sort of pioneers – “pioneers” who realize how to play the game. “Pioneers” who ‘know somebody’ who can help them out. “Pioneers” who just consider saving their force – and are inspired by dread, not affection. 


What we need right presently is pioneers with a lion heart – energetic, bold, drew in, imaginative. 


Pioneers who are not hesitant to step in. To make a move. Pioneers who might not have the appropriate responses yet realize that their energy will direct them correctly.  leo zodiac sign


New Moon In Leo – Leadership Is Who You Are 


Real authority is – and has consistently been – what your identity is. At the point when you are genuinely YOU when you discover what that thing that causes your heart to sing is – you consequently become a pioneer. 


What’s more, you don’t need to be a Leo or to have planets in Leo. We as a whole have in our natal graph a house that Leo administers. The Leo original is installed in each single one of us. 


To be a genuine pioneer, you needn’t bother with an MBA or a Ph.D. You don’t have to go down the cleared street since this street has, in any case, not been cleared with sincere goals for some time now. 


You should simply act naturally. Uranus is fixed, welcoming you to find that sparkle. To find that thing that puts your spirit ablaze. 


And afterward, follow up on it (the New Moon in Leo is ternary Mars). 


You know you’re progressing nicely if you’re having a ball. Truth consistently feels right. 


There is a motivation behind why we like and trust individuals who appreciate what they’re doing. Maybe you watch DIY narratives on Youtube or Discovery, and you also love those individuals who DIY their own life. 


They are enthusiastic, LOVE what they are doing, and they are motivation and a genuine initiative model for every individual who impacted them. 


Anybody can be that pioneer – and indeed, you can be that pioneer as well. The New Moon in Leo is the best chance of the year to reach out to the innovative, real pioneer within you. 


The New Moon is at 26° Leo and happens on August eighteenth in the Americas and the remainder of the world.



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